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Holger "Holgi" Sickenberg

Holger Sickenberg is a SLE Technical Project Manager.

About Holger edit

Holger has 15 years in the industry and 12 years working for the Quality Assurance (QA) of SUSE Linux in Nuremberg, Germany. Currently he is working as a Technical Project Manager for the SUSE Linux Enterprise department.

During his study of Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Nuremberg, he had his first contact with Linux. After his apprenticeship as a Software Developer, Holgi worked for the Linux development team of Caldera in Erlangen, Germany. When the United Linux project was initiated in 2002 he joined SUSE Linux.

He has been involved in testing Linux systems for 12 years. Before that his focus has been in developing testing applications.

In 2009 he founded the openSUSE Testing Core Team. Since then a group of testers from the openSUSE Community is in charge of testing the distribution.

Talks & Development

  • Talk at FOSDEM 2007: Testing the openSUSE Distribution
  • Talk at openSUSE Conference 2009: Testing the openSUSE Distribution
  • Talk at openSUSE Conference 2010: Testopia, the Bugzilla add-on to get openSUSE tested
  • Talk at openSUSE Summit 2012: Best practices for Bugzilla and Bug reporting
  • During Novell's 1st Hack Week he was one of the Award Winners with his QA project: PHP library for Testopia API.

Contact edit

Photo of Holgi
  • mail: holgi-opensuse-org
  • Holgi on IRC